The First Signs of Spring

Contrary to the advice of our local weather forecasters, I ventured out into the morning air wearing no wool and only a jean jacket for protection against the elements.  To be sure, I am glad I did so.  Though only a few days ago, I saw some wet flurries, it appears that spring is returning to the frigid Midwest.

We’re hoping to see the farmers’ markets open soon with local, fresh ingredients, but we also have our beloved Treasure Island just down the street; they always have good looking produce, though the carbon footprint is probably pretty high.  We continue to try and do our best on an environmental level, but sometimes the bright green asparagus and red, red strawberries are too tempting to pass up.  I apologize to future generations in advance.

Per the weather’s prompting, I am making Salad Nicoise this evening for dinner.  I am not sure who taught me to make it (I have a feeling it was Christine), but it is usually the first big salad I make to celebrate the return of spring weather.  One year when I was living with the girls, I came home from work expecting no one to be around, but my roommate Alexis was there and we decided to have dinner together (which was rare, for some reason).  I sneaked down to the shop to pick up some Coronas (she’s wasn’t a big wine drinker then) and we had a fabulous, celebratory meal in the middle of a late-April week – such a favorite memory.  What is it about the combination of food and friends that makes for such distinct memories?  The funny part about it is that it doesn’t just happen – not every meal is so memorable.  Surely, there is some psychology to it, but simply put, I think it is all about the right food at the right time.  I guess it is something we’ll need to observe throughout the years.


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