Fish Tacos

Fish Taco

Fish Taco

Whenever I think about making tacos, I start to imagine what people from my childhood used to do for “taco night,” and I shudder a little.  I just picture walking into the supermarket, picking up a box of stale taco shells, a packet of seasoning, and some fatty ground beef.  Don’t get me wrong, I think my taste buds are doing a little dance right now thinking about that spicy grease dribbling down my chin, but my ticker just slowed a little at the prospect of that dinner.  Equally frightening and tasty are some of the traditional Mexican preparations of fish tacos, which often incorporate fried chunks of firm whitefish with soft tortillas and a spicy, creamy sauce.  When our lovely friend recently suggested we make Fish Tacos together for dinner one night, I envisioned the cast iron filled with peanut oil and admittedly balked.  I decided that there must be a way to make them without frying, surely.  On a whim, I reviewed some recipes on Epicurious and found a good number that used firm fish sauteed, then flaked into small pieces.  The key, it seemed, was a brief marinating period before cooking.  With a chunky Avocado-Mango Guacsa (not to get too Rachael Ray on you with the hybrid word), I didn’t think anyone would miss the creamy sauce, or the frying, for that matter.  The result?  A pretty incredible dinner.  Our party was quite pleased and it wasn’t long before we were making them again!


4 thoughts on “Fish Tacos

  1. Mark says:

    This looks divine.

    What did you do for tortillas? Did you make your own, or are they store bought?

    One trick I just learned is to heat the tortilla over the burner on a gas range. It only takes about 5 seconds per side and gives it a nice smokey flavor.

    • fignatius says:

      The tortillas are just store-bought whole wheat, in the little taco size. Your trick with warming them is really good, and that is how we used to do it when we lived in Boston. Now that we are in the Chicago high-rise, we have an electric stove, so we just use a small skillet on high, warm them up on both sides, and make a big stack inside of a clean kitchen towel. It isn’t probably the most effective way, but it serves our purposes until we are back on a gas range.

  2. Jennifer Rose says:

    that is the food-porniest picture of fish tacos I EVER seen. yum.

    • Dac says:

      >About freaking time they offer that!!! I’ve been begigng for years. I’ve been known to go into a TB/LJS and order a bean burrito or a baja chalupa and a piece of fish. Mmm, love fish tacos (no cilantro please!!!) Sad I missed the freebie today but will check it out sometime anyway.

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