Pasta and Pesto

Pasta with Pesto, Summer Vegetables, and Shrimp

Pasta with Pesto, Summer Vegetables, and Shrimp

Pasta is usually not on the top of my list of things to eat, but I do really enjoy it on occasion. Since the Bun comes from an Italian-American family, he loves him some pasta of any sort, and I like to keep it lively with different combinations of ingredients. In the summer, I try to let seasonal vegetables lead the way on “one pot” dishes like this, and with green peas and asparagus, the leading color was green. I also wanted to incorporate some light protein (which I always appreciate with pasta), so I thought about adding chicken, but then thought that shrimp would make for a more interesting, more summer-y addition. Going with Heidi Swanson’s advice to cook by color, I decided on my basic pesto as a sauce for this dish. I kept the list of ingredients simple, for the most part, but if you wanted to bump up the variety of vegetables, I think that a little spinach or kale would be a nice color boost and a texture variation. Serve this with a crisp, cold Pinot Grigio and a simple dessert of fruit, nuts and cheese, and I think you have a perfect summer supper – even on a weeknight.

My Basic Pesto


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