Happy 1st Anniversary!

Hey, everyone – today is the 1st anniversary of Shallots Web!  Well, technically, the blog was up and running a few days before this last year, but this was the date of the first real post.

Though I have not had a chance to post as much as I really want to (my pesky job seems to get in the way!), I want to say that I have enjoyed the past year so much.  Through this strange little electronic portal, I’ve managed to reconnect with some of my most far-flung friends, make some great new ones, and share the joy of food with everyone who has taken the time to stop by.  I am so very grateful for the priviledge to cook for my dearest friends (which includes my family) and to be able to share that priviledge to the world beyond mine.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by, even for a quick look.  Thanks to any and all loyal readers.  And thanks so much to everyone who came to sit at the table with me over the past year.  From fish tacos to party ham (coming soon), I’ve appreciated every slice, every bite, and every sip.  Here’s to another year of the same!



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