Favorite Marinade for Chicken?

Broiled Chicken

White meat chicken gets pretty boring pretty quickly, so I am always in the market for a new marinade. Sadly, I usually end up doing the same one over and over; partly because it is so easy, and partly because I always have the ingredients on hand. As I understand it, a marinade (much like a good cocktail) should have several interchangeable components:

  • Acid
  • Fat
  • Salt/umami
  • Bite (garlic/onion/chili)
  • Green (herbs/ginger)

So, to meet these requirements, my go-to is a combination of citrus juice, olive oil, kosher salt, garlic, and whatever herbs I have on hand (today, I have thyme and tarragon). Given these rules, though, I think I need to break out of my shell…next up, I think I am going to do lime, sesame oil, soy, garlic, and ginger.

Now, dear reader, I ask…what’s your favorite marinade?


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