Restaurant Preview: The Peasantry

I am an established subscriber of Tasting Table Chicago. I love the format – I can get a quick little review of a restaurant or new product or food shop and move on. The problem with this is that I very often forget about the new places and get stuck in a rut with the places I know and love. Over the weekend, I went in search of a new brunch place just south where I live (in Lakeview) in Lincoln Park. Now, I know that there are a few good places to eat in Lincoln Park, but they are few and far between. Mostly, you’re gonna get very high end, very good food (a la North Pond) or basic bar food (which is sometimes good, but attracts a certain rowdy crowd in this neck of the woods). Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon the Peasantry. They call it “elevated street food.” I call it delicious.

Seems like the latest trend in this neighborhood (already set by the very excellent 2 Sparrows, just around the corner) is clever, locally-sourced, well-executed food. If this continues into the unforeseeable future, color me happy. As I discussed with friends over dinner last night, the most popular restaurants in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park neighborhoods tend to be low-brow and unintimidating. In other words, they tend to have bad-to-mediocre food, basic service, and uninspired decor. At the end of every meal I have in one of these establishments, I say to myself, “why didn’t I just eat at home?!”

The Peasantry manages to be accessible without compromising innovation or quality. The food feels at once both familiar and fresh. The service was friendly without being too familiar. I’ll reserve any further accolades until I have more meals, but a first impression like this warrants a little praise. I look forward future visits and to any comments readers have about this promising spot in Lincoln Park.


2 thoughts on “Restaurant Preview: The Peasantry

  1. Michael says:

    Hey Fig! Glad you went there – Lindsey and I are big fans of it and have gotten to know the owner, Alexander, a bit over the past couple of years through frequent trips to Franks & Dawgs. We were really excited to hear he was opening something new in Lakeview and have been in several times now. You should absolutely make it in for dinner sometime – the pork belly gyro and the chicken and corn pancake gyro are two things I could eat every day.

  2. Peasantry is great! Have you tried Wood yet? Another new favorite.

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