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Quick Questions: Dutch Ovens

My lovely friend Amy, who I’ve known forever, recently me dropped a note on Facebook asking about Dutch ovens and whether I could make a recommendation for one.  I can do better than that.  I can make a resounding testamonial for one, then offer some more cost-conscious alternatives.

As many home chefs will agree, Le Creuset makes amazing cookware that, at least in the case of the enameled cast iron versions, will last you a lifetime.  I currently have two pieces, one large Dutch oven, in red (above) and one yellow grill pan, both of which were wedding gifts from dear friends when the Bun and I got hitched almost five years ago.  When our friend Jenn saw my reaction to the Dutch oven, she was stunned.  I think she said something like, “I thought I was just buying you a pot.”  My reply was something like, “no, you bought us a cultural icon.”  Where I am sure that in France, they would like the “culture” in that description to mean, “French,” I claim this cultural icon for all cooks, the world over, who love to prepare good food and share it with those they love.

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