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Sweet Relish Ideas?

I just received a text message from my dear friend Allison that says, “So, if you happened to have 4-5 half pints of really good pickle relish (not dill, just slightly sweet), how would you use it? Hamburgers and hot dogs don’t count.

Whoa! Quite the challenge! So, off the top of my head, I would use it on sandwiches that I know could handle a little sweet kick – namely something like ham and swiss, or even turkey and provolone. I am big on layering condiments together, so I think the relish would pair nicely with a spicy mustard on a roast beef on rye.

Speaking of, if you mix mayonnaise and sweet relish together, you get tartar sauce! I’m not sure Allison, being a busy mom, will be up for a fish fry anytime soon, but I have a hunch there may be some fish sticks in the freezer at her place.

Though I am unsure how Allison acquired such an abundance of delicious relish, I have a sneaking suspicion she or a friend made it from scratch. The blessing/curse of making homemade batches of jam, jellies, relish, or chutney is that you never can make just a little; you always end up with more than you need. Canning and storing is always an option, but even then, you end up with a pantry filled with one particular thing. What about a canning swap? Contact all the home gardeners you know, see if they are into canning, and host a swap. That way, everyone ends up with a variety of items in their cupboard instead of stash of just one thing. Just thoughts on the page, my friends.

Anyway – if anyone else has suggestions on what one might use up a supply of sweet relish, post here.

Oh, and how do you like the new look?