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A Weekend(+) of Eating


This past weekend was a good long string of “food events,” which coincided with (and was inspired in part by) a visit from Christine and Charles, who are dear, dear friends.  As they were driving from Pittsburgh, I made sure to have food on hand for them when they arrived.  I always appreciate having a good meal after a long road trip, so I try to extend the courtesy to my loved ones.  As the winter is still very much here in Chicago, I decided to make something on the heartier side.  I also wanted to make something familiar to me so that I would not run the risk of a bad meal.  I decided on Braised Lamb Shanks with Pappardelle Pasta, which is something that I usually only make for company.  Aaron and I normally don’t eat pasta, so it is always a treat to have an excuse to whip up a big bowl of it.  Christine and Chuck both seemed pleased.  Paired with a small green salad dressed with lemon and olive oil, you have a really satisfying meal. Continue reading

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