Caramel Ice Cream!

Caramel Ice Cream

Caramel Ice Cream

I know that I said a long time ago that I was going to get into making ice cream this summer, but to be truthful, I just haven’t.  Part of it is because the Bun and I have been traveling so much, and part of it is because the weather has just simply not felt at all like summer this year.  We were just reminiscing about the summers in Boston, which were hot and humid and kinda crazy. 

Our old place in JP was a top-story walk up with no air conditioning and south facing windows.  In the dead of July and August, we could barely stand to spend anytime in the common areas and had to relegate our home time to the bedroom, where we kept a window A/C unit.  In those dog days, we often forced ourselves to get out of the house for a walk to the local bar, where we might meet up with Trina and Billy or Andy and Al.  Some nights, we would stroll to JP Licks (our favorite ice cream place) to try out the newest flavors they had.  This flavor might very well have made it onto the menu there, and the texture reminds me of their concoctions.

This is a modified version of a recipe I found online, which called for too many eggs and too much heavy cream.  I wanted something lighter, but that still retained some richness.  For ice cream, I think that I will use this as my base, and just change the flavorings around. For ice milks and sorbets, I’ll be posting lighter recipes in the coming weeks!

Caramel Ice Cream


2 thoughts on “Caramel Ice Cream!

  1. Sharon Strati says:

    I agree this has really not been an ice cream summer yet, I’m betting Sept is going to be blazing!!

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