Cocktail of the Week: Vodka Stinger

Vodka Stinger

Sorry, I am a little late with this recipe for the week, but I assume that most of the people reading this would not mind a Sunday nightcap.  This is pretty out of the ordinary for the Bun and me – neither of us are normally fans of vodka or creme de menthe, but we thought the same of Brandy Alexanders a few winters ago and they became a cold-weather favorite.  I am not gonna lie – the biggest reason we chose to try Vodka Stingers this week was the fact that they are mentioned in the Sondheim classic, “The Ladies Who Lunch,” from Company.  When the character Joanne (originally played by Elaine Stritch) brays out, “another Vodka Stinger!!!” we always wondered what all the fuss was about.  We found out.

These are not cocktails for the faint of heart – they go down like candy and hit hard.  I recommend one round and then about a two hour break.  =)  Since we are in the midst of the growing season, I added fresh mint to my shaker for this version, which lends a little green flavor and brightens what might otherwise might be a sugary finish.  I always encourage variations, but I also encourage you to rename your drinks if you change the ingredients or the mixing methods too much.  Let’s start naming drinks for ourselves!

In a shaker, combine:
1 cup of ice
5 parts vodka
2 parts creme de menthe
7-9 mint leaves

Shake all ingredients until the shaker is too cold to hold.  Strain into cocktail or coupe glasses and enjoy.  Expect cool, sweet, clean refreshment!


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